"If we had you do the staging from "day 1" the house would have sold faster and probably for more money.  Thanks to you and your "magic" the house showed so much better and we did get a buyer in just a few days after the staging"

.........Judy, Pineda Crossing

"We were on the market for 8 long months. Then you staged and we got a contract 

in 7 DAYS and closed in 3 weeks!

.........Lisa, Carriage Gate

"We have a new pride of ownership. Even the kids are keeping their rooms clean. 

As great as we thought our home was,  you made it shine!"

 ..........Paul, Suntree


"We couldn't have done it without you. You made it almost too great to leave." ..........Dana, Viera


"I highly recommend Nora to every one who places their home on the market. The transformation was incredible. Thank you for helping us have a quick sale"

........Jacqueline, Indian Harbour Beach


"You made our home so perfect, we don't want to move!"

........Mary Z, Melbourne


"Everyone prepared me for 'doom & gloom' of selling right now. 

Thank you for my quick sale.  I am so glad I called you" 

..........Tracy, Melbourne Beach


"I did not realize how the house really looked. No more man-cave. It looks great! 

Thank you. Now it feels like a home everyone wants"

..........Fin, Viera


"Thank you Nora for all the small repair advice and help you gave us. Your added touches made all the difference. The place looked great and sold for full price.

 I finally understand the term "Move In  Ready" 

........Troy, Cocoa Beach


"We couldn't believe it is the same house we lived in for 20 years. 

All we can say is wow!"

 ........Chris, Satellite


"Being in Real Estate, I thought I knew all the tricks, especially for selling my own personal home. After your staging , the first couple through bought our home

 on the spot. Thank you again!"

......Bev, Viera


"Thank you for organizing us and helping us see 'the light'

..........Kim, Viera


"Too good of a job, we love the house now, glad & sad "

..........Robert, Merritt Island



"We should never downplay the value of an excellent Home Stager! Yes, it's work to do all that. But, Nora recommends all the work which brings an incredible return in both time on the market &  an increase in sale price. Nora went room to room taking pictures and making recommendations. As a seasoned real estate agent, I thought I knew what to do to in my own home but I am smart enough to ask the expert on Home Staging which is Nora Marek! She brought a refreshed and objective view. The result: My home sold in 2 days for well above the asking price. All prospects commented, they could move right in!
Thank you Nora! .............Barbara Wall, Broker for 50 years


"After 20+ years at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, seeing hundreds of special exhibitions installed, I thought I knew it all about staging. Boy was I wrong! Staging a home for sale is a completely different animal and I never would have sold my own home if you hadn't (kindly, gently) set me straight. Thanks, Nora."

.......... Joanna Starr Hynes, Home Buyers Marketing, Inc.

"Nora, thank you for a job well done. You have given me a sense of confidence, that everything is always done to make my listings inviting to all buyers. 

I so appreciate your talent and expertise"

...........Vickie Hart, Hart to Hart Real Estate

"Nora, you make all the difference in the world between getting no offers 

and getting contracts"

.........Chris Longworth, Ellingson Properties


"I have worked with Nora for years, she is the only Stager I would ever recommend"

.........Deneen Mahoney, Adams Homes


"Nora, I love when my clients do everything you tell them to do.  Nora, thank you for 

all the magic work you do!" 

......Krissy Lindbaek, RE/MAX Aerospace

"The places you have staged for us always looks great and make all the difference in selling quickly. It's not ready to go on the market until Nora walks through!" 

...........Christopher Crissy, Crissy Real Estate



Realtors please contact me directly for reference MLS photos


And .......Thank you 


Files coming soon.